Innovation is the lifeblood for business.

B.I.G.E. (Business Innovation Group for Executives)

Our group focuses on finding best practices for driving innovation, adoption of new technologies for breakthrough opportunities and driving organizational adoption of new best practices in application of technology.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. – Margaret Meade

This is the fundamental underlying belief around the Innovation MasterMind Group.

We believe in diversified teams

We believe in small and big working tighter

We believe in intrapreneurs,entrepreneurs, mid-market and enterprise working together to solve the worlds biggest problems.

We believe we can make an impact or as Steve Jobs said “make a dent in the universe”.

We believe in agile, we believe in lean and we believe in testing and failing.

The Innovation Mastermind Group was created to build an innovation infrastructure around the midwest and connect it to the rest of the world. We know that in our our meager beginnings that those ideas whose times have come can create abundance for the people willing to champion them.

We hold monthly events where we bring people together to brainstorm around big problems. We are an invitation only for entrepreneurs, c-level executives, mid-market business owners, subject matter experts and key thought leaders.

Monthly events held in four markets Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago and Indianapolis and our members identify, recruit and invite 1200 potential partners in the cause that can attend our events to be part of our membership.


We have three basic Whys:

1. Build diversified teams around Big Problems

2. Build strategic Partnerships around Big Problems

3. Educate a Market to the DNA of its Innovation Talent


We are the scaffolding to solving the biggest problems that face our member by connecting the right people on the teams that are attempting to solve those problems.


1. Invitation Only

2. If you have been Invited you can Invite

3. You must be VP or C-level in your organization (you must be able to commit resources to spec, venture or strategic project for the organization)

4. Partner well we need people that don’t believe that the whole world is a nail and they are the hammer.

Upcoming Events

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Previous Presenters

Our speakers bring us an insightful message each month. Involving group brainstorming, breakout groups, role playing and more to get their innovation message and process into a actionable format to take back to your team.

Stefanie Krievins
Stefanie Krievins
Stefanie Krievins & Co.
Stefanie helps the change-makers of the world follow-through on their good intentions and get amazing results. Her coaching and training programs support Gen X leaders who want to make a meaningful difference in the world and are professional troublemakers: innovative, values-driven, and results oriented. She also works with companies that love their people and want to retain and engage them for continued business growth.
Jim Micklos
Jim Micklos
Jim’s success is rooted in his belief that understanding his clients’ industry, organization, objectives, challenges, and people are essential to their mutual gains. As a seasoned performance improvement professional with extensive sales, marketing, and operations experience, Jim has a proven track record in developing and executing custom solutions for his clients’ unique sales and marketing challenges. Working in a variety of industries and marketing situations, he has developed extraordinary personal relationships with clients, coworkers, and suppliers. His commitment to excellence, tireless work ethic, and genuine respect for others enable him to envision creative and pragmatic solutions and bring them to reality.
Michael Haffey
Michael Haffey
Michael is a proven innovator and thought leader in employee benefits with an expertise in Next-Generation Benefit Planning and Consultation. As founder of Next Gen Ben, he has been providing expert advice and counsel to employers, associations, and affinity groups since 1985.
Mike Seidle
Mike Seidle
We’re helping employers all over the US hire better people who are less likely to turn over. You tell us where you need people, and what you are hiring for and we target, message, engage, converse and deliver local, active & engaged candidates that are ready for your existing screen/interview/hire process.
Joe Indiano
Joe Indiano
CIO/Digital Business Transformation - Amicio Group
How do we retool an entire organization while keeping the lights on, while dealing with a bottomless demand side? How do we change our relationship with our clients to partner with us in productive and energizing new ways to address the disruptive market forces? And how do we change us? I believe that the teams that turn directly into this challenge will be the teams that succeed. I believe that much of what we need to do and know we already have within ourselves and our institutions. I know that it is not easy, and sometimes, downright intimidating. But I also know that it is essential to our success. And having been part of transforming these organizations, I also know it is possible.
Haresh Gangwani
Haresh Gangwani
CEO & Co-Founder at Bolstra, LLC
B2B experience and a veteran SaaS industry executive having served in key roles with emphasis in product strategy, sales and marketing.
Darryl E. Warren
Darryl E. Warren
D. Gene Alliance - Crestcom International
In 1240 Rumi wrote “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the World! Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”.   This quote captures the core belief at D. Gene Alliance – Crestcom. As each of us put in the work and evolve into better versions of ourselves, we can work together to literally change the world. We develop individuals into highly effective leaders that deliver results in teams.   A leader is not a title. It is an engaged, well skilled professional that understands there nothing a unified team can not deliver. As an individual contributor or senior leader.   We specialize in developing the critical soft skills that are must haves in technical or hard skills environments like IT, Medical, Architecture, Engineering & Construction.
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts
Mainstreet Health
Mainstreet Health was founded as an innovator specifically addressing the gaps in the health care continuum by providing operating models that revolutionize health care. The Mainstreet Health model seeks to identify the intolerable within the health care industry, and make it desirable for consumers and health care partners alike.
Rich Earnest
Rich Earnest
The Earnest Group
I assist organizations in finding their “human element” by helping them connect their mission with their everyday work as well as help them establish trust as their cornerstone. In my work at Earnest Consulting Group, I consult with clients to better understand what can help them achieve excellence. I help them achieve this by linking finance, growth, human capital, customer service, and quality together using the “human element” as the glue.
Tony Scelzo
Tony Scelzo
Aura Innovations
My passion is empowering people through sales strategies and tactics that result in great ideas and ultimately, give organizations flight. I have found the most success, for both me and others, is in the IT arena where strategy, tactics and relationships can catapult a business to new heights.
Peter Fuller
Peter Fuller
The MadHatter Group
The MadHatter Group accelerates business growth by putting you at the center of your business plan and ending isolation.

What Attendees Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our they say:

It is great to spend time each month with people that have their feet to the fire in innovation. The brainstorming and presentations have been great with real, actionable outcomes.”

Greg White

It was really good. Enjoy hearing other’s perspectives and learning how they think about business issues.

Jay Stanley

Marsh Supermarkets

Bantering ideas and solutions around typically yields a better product, tempered by different viewpoints. Good stuff!

Darryl Warren

D. Gene Alliance, Inc.

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